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Medical travel insurance for unexpected costs

If you are looking for medical travel insurance for the Netherlands, the OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance will cover you for unexpected healthcare costs during your stay. You can add liability in the Netherlands to your Insurance.


Organise your medical travel insurance quickly

The OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance is a limited medical travel insurance health if you are staying in the Netherlands. The advantages:

  • You can take out insurance immediately
  • Medical acceptance does not apply to this insurance
  • No age limit applies to the insured person in order to take out Insurance
  • Premium from €1.90 per day depending on your age
  • Medical expenses covered up to €500,000


Insurance for unexpected medical expenses

If you are coming to the Netherlands for a holiday, are travelling through or visiting family, you may not want to think about illness or an accident during your journey in the Netherlands.

The OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance reimburses unexpected medical expenses for treating acute appendicitis or a broken leg, for example. Your insurance meets the demands of the Schengen visa.


No medical acceptance; excluding existing symptoms

Medical acceptance does not apply to this insurance; you do not have to answer questions about your health beforehand.

If you incur medical expenses for an ailment or complaint that you had before taking out OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance, we will not reimburse these expenses. This also applies if you did not know you had the ailment or complaint at the time you took out the insurance.

If you want a more extended cover, maybe the OOM Provisional Residence in the Netherlands Insurance would suit you better.


You can add liability to your insurance

Just as in your country of origin, you may also find yourself in situations in the Netherlands where you are held liable for damages. You can take out supplementary insurance for such instances. You will then be insured for damages caused by you to persons or things in the Netherlands up to €1,250,000.