Internship abroad

Internship abroad

Are you ready for your internship abroad? Complete your preparations with our internship abroad insurance. This means your healthcare costs are insured worldwide.

Properly insured during your internship abroad

Discovering new cultures, meeting people and learning lots of new things. You can stay in the Netherlands for your internship, but going abroad is so much more fun! There are a few extra things you need to arrange though if you are going abroad. Making appointments with your internship company, planning your trip, arranging a place to live. And don't forget your insurance! An internship abroad insurance means you are covered for your healthcare costs during your adventure. This way you can go on your internship without any worries!

Internship abroad insurance

Our internship abroad insurance is the OOM Studying Abroad Insurance. The advantages are:

  • Extended healthcare cover
  • SOS insurance is included as standard
  • You can choose to take out an insurance package that includes household contents, liability, travel, legal assistance and accidents
  • Flexible duration from 1 day to 5 years
  • You are also insured if you visit the Netherlands while you’re away


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Internship abroad and Dutch national health insurance

If you are a Dutch student going abroad for an internship, in most cases you will not be eligible for Dutch national health insurance. You can check what applies to your situation at the CAK.

If you are not covered by Dutch national health insurance during your internship abroad, OOM internship abroad insurance will ensure you are properly covered for healthcare costs. If you are still covered by Dutch national health insurance, bear in mind that healthcare in some countries is much more expensive than the Netherlands. Dutch national health insurance will never refund more for treatment than you would receive in the same situation in the Netherlands. OOM Studying Abroad Insurance offers the ideal supplement.

Expand your internship abroad insurance

You could experience setbacks during your foreign internship, just as you might in the Netherlands. What happens if you are liable for damages you cause to a third party, or your computer is stolen, or if you need to go home due to illness or the death of a close family member? Every internship abroad is different and so is every intern! If you want to expand your insurance, you can choose the additional dental insurance and/or the additional insurance package. This means you will be insured for:

  1. Household contents
    This includes all your belongings in your house.
  2. Liability
    For when you cause damage to others or their belongings.
  3. Travel
    For example, for your luggage on the road. Or if you have to return home in the event of serious illness or the death of a 1st or 2nd degree relative.
  4. Legal assistance
    For a legal conflict abroad.
  5. Accidents

You can only take out dental insurance to supplement your healthcare insurance. You can also take out the above insurance package separately.

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Internship abroad SOS insurance

OOM Studying Abroad Insurance includes SOS insurance as standard. This includes covering the costs of repatriation to the Netherlands, or evacuation if treatment is not possible locally and cannot be postponed.

Internship abroad insurance up to 29 years of age

Note: OOM Studying Abroad Insurance is for young people up to 29 years of age, want to do an internship abroad. If you are older than 29, you can take out OOM Temporary Residence Abroad Insurance.