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OOM Studying Abroad Insurance

Insurance for your foreign adventures

There’s a lot to organise if you’re planning to go abroad as a student, intern or au pair. With the OOM Studying Abroad Insurance you can be sure you’re properly insured and so can set off on your foreign adventures without a worry.


These are the most important features of the OOM Studying Abroad Insurance:

  • Insurance for those planning to go abroad as a student, intern or au pair
  • Put together the insurance package you want: healthcare, dental costs and/or a package insurance
  • Flexible duration from one day to five years
  • Insurance cover continues if you come back to the Netherlands on a visit

Who is the insurance for?

The OOM Studying Abroad Insurance is for young people planning to go abroad as a student, intern or au pair. The health insurance is useful if you are:

  • not covered by Dutch national health insurance during your time abroad
  • visiting a country where medical care is more expensive than in the Netherlands and therefore want to supplement the Dutch national health insurance

If you have compulsory Dutch national health insurance, you may still find the package insurance a suitable option. This cover includes reimbursement of travel costs if you need to return home because a family member is seriously ill.  

OOM Studying Abroad Insurance is for young people aged between 15 and 29 years. If you fall outside this age category, see OOM Temporary Residence Abroad Insurance.

What does the insurance cover?

With the OOM Studying Abroad Insurance you can choose what you insure. The insurance always includes SOS insurance. This includes covering the costs of repatriation (return to the Netherlands) or evacuation if treatment is not possible locally and cannot be postponed. 

You can take out the following types of insurance:

  • Choose either standard cover or extended cover
  • Sometimes there is a maximum amount or a maximum number of treatments covered
  • Choice of excess of €0 or €150
  • Dental costs following an accident, up to €500
  • Standard dental costs up to age 17, up to €450

What doesn’t the insurance cover?

Not all medical expenses are covered by the healthcare cover of OOM Studying Abroad Insurance. For example, you will not be reimbursed for costs related to:

  • an existing pregnancy from before the insurance was taken out, including miscarriage or other complications;
  • preventative medicine, chiropractor or manual therapist.

If you are staying in the United States, you will have standard worldwide cover for healthcare costs, i.e. including in the US. If you are staying in another country, you will have worldwide cover for healthcare costs, but not in the US. By paying an extra premium, you can extend your cover to include the US. This is also possible for a shorter period, for example if you go to the US in between times. You can change this via My OOM, or by contacting us directly.

OOM Dental cover is an extended cover of health insurance for standard dental costs up to €350. There is no excess for this extended cover.  

Package with cover for:

  • household contents (up to €5,000); 
  • liability (up to €1,250,000. There is no cover for damage to property that you rent or lease, for example.)
  • travel (excess of €125 in the event of theft, loss or damage to luggage);
  • legal assistance (for claims above €450);
  • accidents (payment on death €10,000; on permanent disability up to €75,000).

What doesn’t the insurance cover?

The OOM Studying Abroad Insurance package insurance does also not reimburse all the costs you may incur. For example, please bear in mind that:

  • Household contents cover is only valid for the address you give us
  • Legal assistance is not covered for events you were aware of before you took out insurance


If you have a claim then, in many cases, we will reimburse the replacement value. However, this is not always the case. In a number of cases, you will receive the current value of the item. Here you can read how this works (in Dutch).

How long is the insurance valid?

You can take out insurance from one day to a maximum of five years, as long as you are 29 years of age, or younger on the commencement date.

If your stay abroad is longer than you first planned, you may extend the insurance once, by a maximum of two months, providing you will not be insured for more than 5 years. Existing complaints and ailments are then excluded.

If you don’t know how long you’ll need insurance for, it’s better to opt for a longer period, rather than one that may be too short. You can terminate the insurance at any time in My OOM or by sending us an email. We will refund any premium you may have already paid for cover after the termination date.

What is the premium?

The premium for health insurance depends on the cover (standard cover or extended cover) and your chosen excess.

  €150 excess no excess
standard cover (from) €21.31 per month €24.50 per month
extended cover (from) €34.78 per month €40.00 per month

You will receive an attractive discount if you already have the mandatory Dutch national health insurance.

The premium for OOM Dental cover is €15.- per month. 

If taken out in combination with health insurance, the premium (including insurance tax) for the package insurance is €14.15 per month. If you only want to take out the package insurance, without health insurance, the premium is €16.40 per month.

Our terms and conditions

To find out exactly what is reimbursed, take a look at the terms and conditions or the coverage summary in PDF. 

Taking out insurance cover

You can take out OOM Studying Abroad Insurance online. Our health insurance is subject to medical acceptance. This means that you will first have to answer a few questions about your health and medical situation. We will assess your answers, to determine if we will take on this insurance. We may decide to insure you under modified terms and conditions.

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What am I covered for? 
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