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OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance

What is a Schengen Visitor insurance?

Perhaps you are passing through the Netherlands or have come to visit friends and family. In any case, you are going to stay here for a while, and during that time you want to be properly insured. We are happy to help.

OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance provides cover for unexpected medical expenses. If you are feeling a little unwell and need to go to the doctor, or need a plaster cast after an accident, you will not face any financial risks because your insurance will cover your costs. This insurance also meets the Schengen visa requirements. All giving you peace of mind.

OOM Schengen Visitor insurance

Even if you are coming to the Netherlands for a short time, you want to feel at ease. The OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance is perfect for this.

  • Limited healthcare insurance with no medical acceptance
  • Health insurance premium from € 1.60 per day
  • Cover up to € 500,000
  • Meets the Schengen visa requirements
  • You can also insure for liability in the Netherlands

Who is the insurance suitable for?

OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance provides cover for unexpected medical expenses and meets the Schengen visa requirements.

If you already have health insurance in your home country which also applies to the Netherlands, you may not need the OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance. Bear in mind, however, that medical care in the Netherlands may be more expensive than in your home country. If your current insurance isn’t enough, it can sometimes lead to unpleasant situations. Check with your own health insurance company in advance.

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What does the insurance cover?

OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance covers unexpected medical expenses such as a broken leg or an infection.

The insurance cover includes:

  • General Practitioner costs
  • medication
  • specialist care
  • hospitalisation
  • dental costs following an accident up to € 350

If your medical expenses are covered by the OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance, you will be reimbursed up to € 500,000.

Per insured period your excess depends on your age:

  • Younger than 70 years: € 50
  • 70 to 79 years: € 100
  • 80 years and over: € 200

A maximum amount or a maximum number of treatments may apply.

What is not covered by the insurance?

You will not receive reimbursement for some treatments. The most important exclusions are:

  • pregnancy and childbirth (including maternity care)
  • diabetes mellitus, gall and kidney stones
  • dental costs which are not the result of an accident

If you need a more extensive cover, take a look at OOM Provisional Residence in the Netherlands Insurance.

If you incur medical expenses for an ailment or complaint that you had before taking out OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance, we will not reimburse these expenses.   This also applies if you did not know you had the ailment or complaint at the time you took out the insurance.

If you have any questions, please contact your insurance agent or phone OOM Verzekeringen on (+31 (0)70 353 21 00). You can reach us on workdays from 8.30 to 17.00. Of course, you can also send us an email. We will be happy to help in any way we can!

You can also insure for personal liability. We will then reimburse damages in the Netherlands caused by you to persons or things of up to € 1,250,000. You have an excess of € 45 per event for liability for borrowed items.

How long is the Schengen Visitor Insurance valid?

You can take out OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance for a maximum of 6 months. If you are aged 80 or above, then your insurance will be valid for a maximum of 3 months.

If your insurance has expired, you cannot extend it: you must take out new cover. Again, we will not reimburse any costs incurred for existing ailments or complaints.  You may therefore discover that complaints or ailments in your new insurance are not covered that had been covered in your old insurance term.

If you don’t know how long you will need insurance, it is better to choose a longer period rather than one that may be too short.

Do you want to terminate your insurance early?

You can terminate the OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance earlier in the following situations:

  • Your visa application or residence permit has been denied. We will terminate the insurance from the start date and you will be refunded all premiums.
  • You receive basic Dutch national health insurance. We will terminate from the start date of your Dutch national health insurance and you will be refunded the premium after that date.
  • You are leaving the Schengen area. We will ask you for a copy of the plane ticket. The flight date is the end date of the insurance and you will be refunded the premium after that date.
  • Death. We will terminate the insurance from the day after the death of the insured person. We will reimburse any premium paid in advance.

What's the premium?

Depending on your age, the OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance provides cover from € 1.60 per day insured for unexpected medical expenses.

Age Premium per day Excess Maximum duration
0 to 69 years €1.60 €50 6 months
70 to 79 years €6.00 €100 6 months
80 years and above €8.00 €200 3 months

The minimum premium per insured period is €25.

Premium until 1 May 2023
The premium (including insurance tax) for third party liability insurance is €0.18 per day for 1 person and €0.36 per day for 2 or more people.

Premium from 1 May 2023
From 1 May, the premiums will change. If your insurance starts before 1 May 2023, this change does not apply to you. From 1 May, the premium including insurance tax for 1 person is €0.20 per day and €0.40 per day for 2 or more people.

These are our terms and conditions

If you want to know more about what will be reimbursed, please take a look at our terms and conditions or the coverage summary (pdf).

Take out the OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance

Take out your insurance today and look forward to your visit to the Netherlands without a care. Easily calculate your premium online. Once everything is correct, you can take out your insurance straight away.

Good to know

Medical acceptance is not necessary for the healthcare insurance. We only ask in advance if you are expecting to be hospitalised.

If you need more information about the Schengen Visitor Insurance, please feel free to contact us. Our team is at your service!

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What am I covered for? 
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