We are OOM. We are extraordinarily good at insurance.

We are there for people with extraordinary stories, who simply want to be properly insured. From a life abroad, to a special possession: OOM insures it.


Our clients are used to thinking differently. They dare to do things not everyone else would. For example, setting up a business with confidence or choosing to work abroad. But daring to do something doesn’t mean being over confident. It’s precisely the extraordinary stories that need simply good insurance.


This means being able to trust the agreements you’ve made. A good insurer offers certainty. Our expertise in insuring special risks has grown enormously over almost 80 years, which means that we really are capable of providing customised insurance. We ask our clients to be critical, so that we can continuously improve our insurance and our services. Our team knows the client’s situation and we’re available 24/7 without your call being transferred of handled by a call centre. We really care. In good times and bad.


On 16 July 1940, OOM Verzekeringen (Onderlinge Oorlogsschadeverzekering Maatschappij: mutual war damage insurance company) was founded. OOM met the need people had to be insured, including during times of uncertainty. Because in spite of the fact that the Netherlands was under occupation, everyday life carried on: bakers baked bread and offices didn’t close. The OOM goal was to contribute to this continuity. After the war, OOM Verzekeringen grew into a specialist in insuring increased general and file risks, insurance for Dutch nationals going abroad for an extended stay, and for foreigners coming to the Netherlands. In short: people with extraordinary stories. OOM insures risks that others often can’t or don’t want to insure. And has been doing so for almost 80 years.


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