Foreign guest insurance

Foreign guest insurance

Getting a visitor from abroad? For example, a family member, friend, or a business associate? With the OOM Schengen Visitor insurance, you can insure your foreign guest for healthcare costs in the Netherlands.

Insurance for foreign guests

The OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance provides health insurance for foreign guests staying in the Netherlands temporarily. The advantages are:

  • The insurance can be taken out directly online
  • Medical expenses covered up to €500,000
  • Health insurance premium from €1.60 per day, depending on the age of your guest
  • Meets Schengen visa requirements
  • No age limit, no medical acceptance
  • Liability insurance can be included

Why insurance for your foreign guest?

Your guest is coming to you all the way from outside Europe. You want that visit to go as smoothly as possible! If they unexpectedly fall ill or break a leg, you want them to be covered.

Whether it's a minor accident, or something much bigger, proper insurance is the best way to make your guest feel welcome. The OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance also covers specialist care, medication, and the costs of a general practitioner.

No medical acceptance; existing conditions are excluded

No medical acceptance is required for this insurance. Your foreign guests do not have to answer any questions about their health beforehand. Note: The insurance only covers unexpected costs. If your guest has a pre-existing condition or complaint when the insurance is taken out, we will not refund any related medical expenses.  This also applies if your guest did not know they had the condition or complaint at the time you took out the insurance.

If you want even greater certainty for your foreign guest, the OOM Provisional Residence in the Netherlands Insurance might be better for you.

This insurance meets Schengen visa requirements

The Schengen visa allows your foreign guest to stay in the Netherlands for up to 90 days. Your visitor must be able to show that they are insured for medical expenses in the Netherlands. The OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance meets these visa requirements. This is precisely what you need!

What if your foreign guest is already insured?

Your foreign guests may have insurance in their country of origin that also applies in the Netherlands. Bear in mind, however, that medical care in the Netherlands may be more expensive than in their home country. The OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance could then be a supplement.