Collective insurance abroad

Collective insurance abroad

Collective insurance abroad

Insurance for your students or expats abroad

Is your educational institution sending out students abroad? Or do you have employees who are temporarily working or living elsewhere? You can organise their health insurance and other important insurance in one go, with the OOM Global Health Insurance or the OOM Global Health University Insurance.

The advantages

  • Quick to arrange health insurance for your students and your employees abroad
  • Worldwide insurance
  • Access to the multilingual alarm centre in an emergency
  • Put together the package of your choice: insure your students and your employees (and their families) for example for travel, liability and legal assistance

OOM Verzekeringen does not offer Dutch national health insurance. The Global Health Insurance and Global Health University Insurance are meant for students or staff who are going abroad temporarily and are not eligible for Dutch national health insurance.

If your students or employees have to keep their mandatory Dutch national health insurance, our insurance could be a useful supplement. For example, if they are staying in a country where healthcare is much more expensive than in the Netherlands.

Further information

You can tailor the Global Health Insurance and the Global Health University Insurance to suit the wishes of your students or employees. Please contact our customer relations manager for more information.