Emigration health insurance

Emigration health insurance

Arrange your health insurance when emigrating

If you’re emigrating or will be living abroad for long period of time, you will want to have the same level of insurance as in the Netherlands. Our emigration health insurance means you will be insured for healthcare costs in your new homeland.

Benefits of the health insurance emigration

The OOM Living Abroad Insurance is a complete health insurance when you’re emigrating. If you’re going abroad, for example, to live, work or enjoy your retirement. The advantages are:

  • Worldwide insurance including if your come for a stay in the Netherlands while you’re away
  • Flexible and can be cancelled daily
  • Put together your own insurance

Health insurance and emigration: how does it work?

Can you keep your Dutch national health insurance, or do you need health insurance when emigrating? This depends on your personal situation and, for example, if you’ll be working abroad or not. In addition, different rules sometimes apply to your family members than to yourself. You can look all this information up on the website of your Dutch health insurer.

For example, if your emigration is not covered by Dutch national health insurance, you can still have extensive insurance for healthcare costs with the OOM Living Abroad Insurance. The health insurance for when you’re emigrating can also be a supplement if you’re emigrating to a country where medical care is expensive. That’s because your Dutch national health insurance never reimburses more than what you would receive in the Netherlands.

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Additional health insurance when emigrating

You can experience setbacks abroad just as you might do in the Netherlands. With the emigration health insurance, you can choose what you insure. For healthcare costs, you can choose between Light, Regular or Deluxe cover. You can choose to extend your insurance to include cover for: dentist, SOS, travel, cancellation, household contents, liability, legal assistance and accidents.

Good to know: the healthcare insurance covers dental costs following an accident (up to a maximum). The additional dental insurance covers dental costs that are not the result of an accident The SOS insurance is included as standard with the healthcare insurance, but you can also take it out separately.

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Emigration health insurance: be properly insured abroad in every country

We are specialised in healthcare insurance for emigrating Dutch nationals. If you’d like to know more about the healthcare situation in the country you’re going to, we’ve listed more information for a number of popular destinations below.



If the country of your international adventure is not listed here, don’t worry. Our emigration health insurance means you are insured worldwide, including the country you are emigrating to.

More information about health insurance when emigrating

Read more about the OOM Living Abroad Insurance. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. If you want to know what your premium would be, you can make a non-binding calculation online.