Choose your insurance

OOM Temp. Residence Abroad Insurance
  • For a stay abroad for up to two years
  • Choice of three types of healthcare cost cover
  • Choose your own supplementary insurance

OOM Living Abroad Insurance
  • For a longer stay abroad
  • Very extended healthcare cover available
  • Choose your own supplementary insurance

OOM Studying Abroad Insurance
  • For students, interns and au pairs up to age 30
  • Good cover for healthcare costs
  • Supplementary package insurance with extended cover

Collective insurance
  • Collective solutions for healthcare costs
  • For expats and students abroad
  • Supplementary cover available

Be properly insured when you go abroad

Of course you want to be properly insured for healthcare costs when you go abroad, and our foreign insurance policies are perfect for this. You choose the cover which suits you best and whether you want to take out supplementary insurance. 


OOM Temporary Residence Abroad Insurance

The OOM Temporary Residence Abroad Insurance is for a stay abroad and is valid for a maximum of two years. For healthcare costs you can choose between Light, Regular or Comfort cover. You may also take out (supplementary) insurance for the dentist, SOS, travel, cancellation, household contents, liability, legal assistance and accidents. 


OOM Living Abroad Insurance

The OOM Living Abroad Insurance  is insurance for an indefinite period, and will cover a longer or permanent stay abroad. For healthcare costs you can choose between Regular, Comfort and the very extended DeLuxe cover. You can take out the same supplementary insurance as the OOM Temporary Residence Abroad Insurance. 


OOM Studying Abroad Insurance

We have developed OOM Studying Abroad Insurance for students, interns and au pairs. You decide if you want standard or extended cover for healthcare costs. The package insurance also allows you to insure household contents, liability, travel, legal assistance and accidents.  


Collective insurance

Our collective insurance enables you to take out health insurance quickly and easily for your members of staff or students abroad. They will have access to the multilingual alarm centre in emergencies. You put together the desired supplementary insurance package yourself.