Frequently asked questions

Illness, damage and claims

I need hospitalisation or need to receive medical treatment. What should I do?
I want to report a claim, what should I do?
Am I insured for repatriation by charter air ambulance for skiing-related injuries (‘gipsvlucht’)?

Premium payment

When do I have to pay the premium for the insurance?
Will I get the Dutch healthcare allowance (zorgtoeslag) if I take out the OOM Studying Abroad health insurance?

Alteration, extension or termination

Can I extend my insurance?
Can I terminate my insurance earlier?

Other questions

Am I covered by the Dutch national health insurance if I am a student, intern or au pair abroad?
Am I insured if I return home in between times?
Can I take out OOM Dental cover or the package insurance separately?
Are sports and extreme sports also covered?
What is medical acceptance?