Health insurance in Singapore

Health insurance in Singapore

Health insurance in Singapore

If you’re going to Singapore for a longer period of time, you’ll need to know about the healthcare system in Singapore and how you, as a foreigner, can be insured for healthcare costs. 

We’ve put together this information with great care. However, the rules are complicated and are subject to change. It is possible that the information may not be entirely up-to-date or complete. We always advise customers to enquire about the rules that apply to their situation.
For more information, visit the website of the Ministry of Health in Singapore.

How is healthcare organised in Singapore?

In Singapore, there’s considerable focus on health and good healthcare. The government actively encourages healthy living and preventative health programmes. The quality of care is generally very high.

The public healthcare system in Singapore is partly funded by the government and partly through compulsory insurance, such as Medisave and Medishield Life. This insurance is mandatory for locals.
Medisave is a personal savings programme. Each month, a percentage of your income is deducted and deposited into a personal Medisave account. This is a savings scheme for future healthcare expenses (and pension).

In addition, it is mandatory for locals and people with a permanent residence permit to be insured via Medishield Life. This is basic health insurance that covers high hospital bills and certain outpatient treatments at public hospitals. The premium for this health insurance can be paid using the Medisave account.

It is also possible to take out supplementary insurance, known as Integrated Shield Plan. For example, to cover treatment at a private clinic. Or for hospital admission to a ward with fewer beds.
There are public hospitals and private clinics in Singapore. In private clinics, waiting times are often shorter, more treatments are available and the service is more comprehensive. However, the costs are considerably higher. 

As a patient, you can choose where you want to be treated. But the choice does determine how much you have to pay yourself, for example, if you choose a higher class on a hospital ward.

1 How can you be insured as a foreigner in Singapore?

If you, as a foreigner, have a permanent residence permit, you’re able to participate in the public healthcare system.

This does not include expats. As an expat, you must arrange your own healthcare insurance through your employer. You can either take out insurance via a local insurer in Singapore, or via an international insurer such as OOM Verzekeringen.

2 Important information

Locals are subject to different rules and fees than foreigners and people with a permanent residence permit. This means the cost of treatment can become quite high for you as a foreigner.

3 What’s covered by Dutch national health insurance?

Depending on your personal situation, you may be required to keep your Dutch national health insurance during your stay in Singapore. 

Dutch national health insurance refunds emergency care worldwide. However, you will never be refunded more than the cost of the treatment in the Netherlands. You may, therefore, have to pay the difference if you’re staying in a country where medical care is expensive, such as Singapore.

Repatriation due to illness or an accident is not covered by Dutch national health insurance.

4 What solution does OOM Verzekeringen offer?

OOM Verzekeringen is there for people with extraordinary stories who want to be properly insured. This means we also have a solution for your foreign adventure in Singapore.

We are the insurance specialist when it comes to healthcare insurance for Dutch nationals going abroad. Our healthcare insurance offers a solution if you are not, or are no longer eligible for Dutch national health insurance. You can also use our insurance as a supplement to your Dutch national health insurance, or to your local insurance in Singapore. For example, for costs that are not covered by Dutch national health insurance or your local healthcare insurance. Even if you need temporary insurance as an interim situation, you can turn to us.

5 The advantages of OOM healthcare insurance

  • Determine the duration yourself
  • Choose how extensive your healthcare insurance needs to be
  • Take out additional insurance, such as household contents, accident or third-party liability insurance
  • Our Dutch assistance centre is available 24/7
  • You receive a discount if you have Dutch national health insurance.

For more information about our insurance, or to find out what the premium would be, click here.