Studying abroad with the right insurance

Studying abroad with the right insurance

Studying abroad with the right insurance

Start your foreign adventure with Dutch confidence

It’s time to broaden your horizons, discover other cultures and make lifelong friends. Whether you’re planning on going abroad for international studies, an internship or a language course, with OOM Studying Abroad Insurance you’ll be well-prepared for your adventure abroad.

Advantages of OOM Studying Abroad Insurance 

✔ Choose to be insured for unexpected costs you can’t cover yourself: liability, travel and/or healthcare costs 
✔ Worldwide network of clinics that we will reimburse in full, including private clinics 
✔ 24/7 support in finding the right clinic, via Dutch Assistance Centre
✔ You’re also insured for healthcare costs during other adventures such as diving and winter sports  

Should you take out insurance if you’re going to study abroad?

If you’re going to study abroad, you should make sure you’re properly insured for medical expenses. The costs for medical treatment differ per country and can be quite high.

If you’re not covered by Dutch national health insurance in the country where you’ll be studying, or if the medical expenses are a lot higher than in the Netherlands, you will need proper insurance. You can arrange your own insurance with OOM Studying Abroad Insurance.

Ready to take out OOM Studying Abroad Insurance?

Make sure you’re properly insured for your studies abroad.

For those left behind

Your child is going on an adventure: studying abroad. A wonderful opportunity, but as someone staying behind, it can also be quite challenging for you too. What if something unexpected happens? 

Fortunately, with the right insurance, you can prepare for several situations. Take time with your child to review the insurance they need. So your child can start their adventure carefree, and you can rest assured at home with the peace of mind you need.