Going to retire abroad

Going to retire abroad

It’s time to enjoy your retirement. A new country, a new culture and a relaxed lifestyle. You are going to retire abroad and you want to be well-insured. Get insured for healthcare costs and damage at OOM.

Retire abroad without a care in the world

Your dream has come true: you’re to retire abroad! This is the perfect opportunity to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do. However, while enjoying your retirement abroad, you could experience a few set-backs.

OOM Living Abroad Insurance is a flexible and complete insurance package that provides the cover you need as a pensioner abroad. It allows you to choose the cover you want for healthcare costs, dental costs, emergencies (SOS), travel, cancellation, household contents, liability, legal assistance and accidents.

Make spending your retirement abroad more enjoyable with OOM

Emigration is a big step, so we want to take care of as many of your worries as possible.  Our insurance allows you to enjoy many benefits:

  • The ideal insurance for when you retire abroad
  • Worldwide cover, including if you visit the Netherlands while living abroad
  • Choice of cover including travel, household contents and legal assistance
  • Can be cancelled daily
  • An emergency centre that’s available 24/7

> Put together your own insurance

Retirement abroad: treaty countries

If you are going abroad and will retain your Dutch pension or benefit, you can use this list to check whether that country is a treaty country.  If it is, then medical arrangements have been made between the Netherlands and your new country and you need to get insured through the CAK.

Retirement abroad: non-treaty countries

If you are going to a non-treaty country, OOM Living Abroad Insurance is what you need. It provides insurance for healthcare costs even when you retire abroad.

Also, if you want better cover than CAK offers, you can take out our insurance as a supplement. For instance, if you are going to a country where medical care is expensive.

The healthcare insurance covers dental costs following an accident (up to a maximum). You will find the amount covered in your policy. You can take out supplementary insurance for dental costs that are not the result of an accident. The healthcare insurance also includes SOS insurance. You can also take out insurance separately.

Are you retiring abroad soon?

You can calculate your premium easily online. Once everything is correct, you can take out your insurance straight away. We aim to assess your application as quickly as possible. Every situation is unique, which is why we may accept your application under modified terms and conditions.

If you need more information about other types of insurance for when you retire abroad, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help in any way we can!