Third-party liability insurance abroad

Help me choose the right insurance 

Third-party liability insurance ensures you are properly insured if you cause damage or injury to another person while you’re abroad. This means you can enjoy your international adventure with peace of mind.


Why take out third-party liability insurance abroad?

An accident can happen at any time. At home, but of course also abroad. But don’t worry, our third-party liability insurance ensures you are properly insured if you cause damage or injury to a third party. Both for material damage and personal injury. And there’s no need to worry about high costs and claims during your stay abroad. This is not only good for you, but also for the other party affected.


Benefits of third-party liability insurance abroad

With OOM, you not only insure your liability abroad, but you can also choose what to cover. For example, healthcare costs, dental costs, legal assistance and much more. You will also benefit from:

  • Worldwide cover, including if you come back to visit the Netherlands while you’re away
  • Cover of up to €1,250,000
  • Discount if you insure more people

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Choose a suitable third-party liability insurance abroad

What will you be doing while you’re abroad? At OOM we have third-party liability insurance for all kinds of situations. Choose the insurance that suits you best:


Third-party liability insurance abroad: What is insured?

The third-party liability insurance abroad reimburses damage caused by you as a private individual to others or items abroad up to €1,250,000. Note: you are not covered for damage to items you rent or lease. The insurance also does not cover damage to yourself or your own belongings. And if you cause the damage intentionally, you are never covered. Every situation is different. Please take a look at the insurance card (in Dutch) and and terms and conditions  for a comprehensive overview of what is and is not covered.