Dutch national health insurance abroad

If you are going abroad for a longer period of time, you may have to retain your mandatory Dutch health insurance (the Dutch national health insurance) in certain cases. However, this is not always the case. The rules are complicated and are subject to change. It is therefore advisable to always check this with your own health insurer.

What is the Dutch national health Insurance? 

Everyone who lives and works in the Netherlands has to have health insurance. The Dutch national health insurance reimburses the costs of standard care such as general practitioner, hospital or chemist. You may also take out supplementary insurance for example for the dentist, physiotherapy or alternative health care. The Dutch national health insurance is mandatory, supplementary insurance is not.

International healthcare insurance from OOM Verzekeringen

OOM Verzekeringen does not offer Dutch national health insurance. We are a private healthcare costs insurer. We offer health insurance for people going abroad or for foreigners coming to the Netherlands.

Are you entitled to Dutch national health insurance?

Your personal situation will determine whether leaving the Netherlands will affect your Dutch national health insurance. You will find a number of common situations below:

If your situation is not described above, or you are not sure if the information is applicable, explain your situation to the foreign department at the CAK.

Health insurance abroad

It is possible that your health insurance will not be valid in the country you are visiting. Or that the Dutch national health insurance does not provide sufficient security. But you still want to be properly insured. This is possible with an OOM Insurance abroad

You can also use our insurance as a supplement to your Dutch national health insurance.