Dutch national health insurance abroad

If you are going abroad, you may have to retain your mandatory Dutch health insurance (the Dutch national health insurance) in certain cases. However, this is not always the case. The regulations for this are complex, which is why we have put together a list of general guidelines. We also advise you to always ask your health insurer about your particular case.

What is the Dutch national health Insurance? 

Everyone who lives and works in the Netherlands has to have health insurance. The Dutch national health insurance covers the costs of standard care such as general practitioner, hospital or chemist. You may also take out supplementary insurance for example for the dentist, physiotherapy of alternative health care. The Dutch national health insurance is mandatory, supplementary insurance is not.

OOM Verzekeringen is not a Dutch national health insurance insurer 

OOM Verzekeringen does not offer Dutch national health insurance. We are a private healthcare costs insurer. We offer health insurance for people going abroad.

Are you entitled to Dutch national health insurance?

Your personal situation will determine whether leaving the Netherlands will affect your Dutch national health insurance. Below are a number of common situations:

I’m going abroad to enjoy my pensionIf you are not sure what the consequences will be, you can explain your situation to the foreign department at the CAK.

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  • The Dutch national health insurance does not always provide sufficient cover abroad. Extra insurance could then offer a solution.