Working abroad insurance

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If you’re going to work abroad, OOM Temporary Residence Abroad Insurance will provide extended cover for healthcare costs and more. Put together your own insurance now.

Be properly insured while working abroad

You can work abroad without any worries with the OOM Temporary Residence Abroad Insurance. If you are going to Germany, Belgium or Luxembourg as a frontier worker, or are travelling all the way to Australia as an expat, we will make sure you are insured worldwide. This means you can leave on your carefree adventure.

Working abroad with OOM

Here is a brief summary of the working abroad insurance.

  • You’re insured worldwide, including if you visit the Netherlands while you’re away
  • Valid for up to 2 years and can be cancelled on any day
  • 9 types of cover: you choose what you want to insure
  • Discount if you keep your Dutch national health insurance
  • Includes English COVID-19 statement

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Working abroad: insurance that suits you

Working abroad is different for everyone. That's why you only insure what you think is necessary! With us, you have a choice of 9 types of cover. And with some of the different types of cover, you decide how extensively you want to be insured.

  1. Healthcare costs
    Choose between Light, Regular or Comfort cover.
  2. Dentist
    Choice of cover of €350, €700 or €1,050.
  3. SOS
    Included free of charge with healthcare cover.
  4. Travel
    For if you want to explore the country in addition to your work, or are not staying in one place.
  5. Cancellation
    There is no own risk excess for this.
  6. Household contents
    Cover damage to your belongings at your foreign address due to storm, fire or a break-in.
  7. Liability
    Cover damage you cause to others.
  8. Legal assistance
    This puts you in a stronger position should you have a legal conflict abroad.
  9. Accidents
    Receive a one-off amount in the event of disability or death.

If you already know what you need, set up your insurance now, or read more about all the reimbursement options.

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Working abroad and healthcare costs

You may be wondering: is the Dutch national health insurance not sufficient if you’re working abroad? Unfortunately, not always. The problem is, if you go to work abroad, you will probably pay social premiums there. In some cases, you will then not be eligible for Dutch national health insurance. In this case insurance like ours offers the solution.

If you are covered by Dutch national health insurance, OOM insurance can be a supplement for if you visit a country where medical care is expensive.
Note: With basic Dutch national insurance, you will never receive a higher reimbursement than you would receive in the Netherlands.

If you want to know what is applicable in your situation, please check with your health insurer.

Working abroad for a maximum of 2 years

OOM Temporary Residence Abroad Insurance has a flexible duration from 1 day to a maximum of 2 years. You can terminate the insurance at any time.

If you already know that you will be working abroad for more than 2 years, OOM Living Abroad Insurance would suit you better.