If you’re going to work abroad as an expat or frontier worker, OOM Temporary Residence Abroad Insurance offers you complete insurance as an expat. This means you are properly insured for healthcare costs, damage and more.

Complete expat insurance

Our OOM Temporary Residence Abroad Insurance is the ideal expat insurance with complete cover. Even if you are not eligible for Dutch national health insurance in your destination country.

The benefits:

  • Worldwide insurance
  • Also provides cover if you visit the Netherlands while you’re away
  • Discount on healthcare cover if you keep your Dutch national health insurance


Put together your own expat insurance

With our expat insurance, you only insure what you need. You can choose to cover:

  • Healthcare costs
  • Dentist
  • SOS (is already included if you choose healthcare costs)
  • Travel
  • Cancellation
  • Household contents
  • Liability
  • Legal assistance
  • Accidents


SOS cover

If you choose the SOS cover with your expat insurance, you will be insured for medical repatriation. This works as follows: if, for medical reasons, you are no longer able to travel by yourself, treatment is not possible in the country where you are and cannot be postponed, you will be taken to the nearest hospital, a hospital in your country of origin, or the country in which you are living. And, you'd probably rather not think about it, but if you die, the SOS cover also insures you for the transportation of your mortal remains.

If you choose the healthcare cover, then SOS insurance is included free of charge.


Dental cover

If you choose healthcare cover with your expat insurance, dental costs following an accident are also insured (up to a maximum). If you want to, you can take out extra cover for dental costs that are not the result of an accident.


Other cover with expat insurance

In addition to cover for healthcare costs, SOS and dental, you can also take out extra cover for travel, cancellation, household contents, liability, legal assistance and accidents. This means you will be prepared for all the setbacks when you start working as an expat or frontier worker.

Why expat insurance?

Why take out expat insurance if you already have Dutch insurance? If you are going abroad as an expat, you will probably pay social premiums in the country where you will be working. As a result, you cannot insure your healthcare costs through your Dutch national health insurance. And, if you live in the Netherlands but work abroad, in most cases you will not be eligible for the Dutch national health insurance. In this case, OOM Temporary Residence Abroad Insurance will provide you with proper cover for healthcare costs.

If you are still entitled to Dutch national health insurance, our expat insurance is a good addition if you are going to a country where medical care is expensive. This is because your Dutch national health insurance only covers the reimbursement you would get in the Netherlands.

Good to know: there are exceptions to these rules. You can also not assume that what applies to you automatically applies to your direct family members. To be certain, please check the website of Health Insurers in the Netherlands.


Working abroad for more than 2 years?

As the name suggests, the OOM Temporary Residence Abroad Insurance is for when you are working abroad temporarily. This expat insurance has a flexible term of a maximum of 2 years. If you already know that you will be working abroad for more than 2 years, OOM Living Abroad Insurance would suit you better.