Reporting damages: legal assistance insurance

In case you need legal assistance the following applies:

  • Contact ARAG Legal Assistance as soon as possible for a consultation with a lawyer. You can do this by telephone (+31 (0)33 434 23 50). ARAG will determine on our behalf if the legal assistance falls under your Insurance.
  • If your damage or dispute is covered, you also need to report your case in writing. You can do this by email, post or via the ARAG website. ARAG can help you more quickly if you tell them your policy number.
  • If you want to report a legal case, use the OOM Legal assistance insurance claim form (pdf).
  • If you want to report a traffic case, use the European Accident Statement (pdf).
  • If ARAG asks for additional information or proof, preferably send copies and retain the originals yourself.
  • You will receive a first response within 10 working days at most, but we generally respond much more quickly.
  • Has something not gone as you would have liked? Do you have a complaint? Please take a look at our complaints procedures.