Household contents abroad insurance

Household contents abroad insurance

Your studies, your work, or your desire to travel is taking you abroad. And your suitcases are packed! Their contents and perhaps other important possessions are items you want to insure properly while you’re away. You can take out household contents abroad insurance easily with OOM. 

Why take out household contents abroad insurance?

If you’re staying abroad temporarily, either for your studies, work or travel, it is important that you feel at home while you’re there. And the basis of feeling at home is certainty. You want to be certain that you do not need to worry about your temporary place of residence; certain that you can relax; and certain that your possessions are safely stored. We can help you with the latter. Our household contents abroad insurance, means your belongings are properly insured against storm, fire, burglary and more.

How does our household contents abroad insurance work?

You can choose to take out household contents abroad insurance separately or as extra cover within an insurance package.

OOM Studying Abroad Insurance is for young people who want to study, do an internship or work as an au pair abroad. Household contents cover is included as standard in this insurance package. It includes cover for a maximum of €5,000. You cannot take out additional household contents insurance on top of that.

If you prefer to take out household contents insurance separately, you can take out Temporary Residence Abroad Insurance or the Living Abroad Insurance.

How to take out household contents abroad insurance

Take a look at our international insurance or answer the questions and discover which international insurance best suits your needs. Once you have found the perfect international insurance, add household contents abroad insurance during your application.

Add your household contents abroad insurance in 3 easy steps:

  1. Select the amount you want to insure: €25,000/€50,000/€75,000
  2. Choose when you want the insurance to take effect
  3. Submit your application.

If you want to insure the household contents you’re leaving behind and/or your home in the Netherlands, take a look at OOM Achtergebleven Woonhuis-verzekering (only in dutch).

Good to know about the household contents abroad insurance

When we reimburse your claim, this is based on first loss. This means that we do not look at the actual value when you submit a claim. The claim will be fully reimbursed, but never for more than the insured amount.

In addition, you have an own risk excess of €250 per event. A maximum reimbursement of up to €1,000 and €2,500 applies to jewellery and audio-visual appliances. Note: these amounts are different for students and au pairs. Make sure you read our terms and conditions, or you can contact us.

Advantages of our household contents abroad insurance

Your household contents are valuable. Sometimes emotionally, sometimes mainly financially. We understand this. This is why we have made the household contents abroad insurance as simple as possible for you. Our household contents insurance offers you the following benefits:

  • Your household contents are insured to meet your needs
  • Cover for up to €75,000
  • Storm, fire and burglary included
  • Change your address easily if you move to another address either in the Netherlands or abroad
  • A help centre that’s available 24/7

Take out your household contents abroad insurance today

If you want to apply for household contents abroad insurance now, select one of our international insurance and add the household contents insurance as cover. Once everything is correct, you can apply for your international insurance straight away.