Health insurance Portugal

Health insurance Portugal

Health insurance Portugal

If you’re going to Portugal for a longer period of time, you’ll need to know about the Portuguese healthcare system, how you as foreigner can be insured for healthcare costs, and if you need Portuguese health insurance.

We’ve put together this information with considerable care. However, the rules are complicated and are subject to change. It is possible that the information may not be entirely up-to-date or complete. We always advise customers to enquire about the rules that apply to their situation. You’ll find more information on the website of Portuguese Segurança Social.

How is healthcare organised in Portugal?

Portugal's healthcare system, Servico Nacional de Saude (SNS), is financed by employees’ income and contributions from self-employed individuals. The Ministry of Health is responsible for organising and carrying out healthcare in Portugal. The SNS includes public health offices and hospitals.

What does Portuguese health insurance reimburse?

Portuguese health insurance provides cover for treatment by a general practitioner, hospital care, emergency care and obstetrics care. For some types of care, a percentage of the cost is reimbursed and you pay the remaining amount as a personal contribution. The amount reimbursed may vary based on your personal and medical situation.

How can you be insured as a foreigner in Portugal?

When you work in Portugal, you’re entitled to local health insurance. Your employer registers you with the Segurança Social and handles payments to the healthcare system. You can also use this health insurance if you’re self-employed, by registering and making the payments yourself. Dutch nationals with a temporary or permanent residence permit are also eligible for this Portuguese health insurance.

How to apply for Portuguese health insurance?

If you’re not automatically enrolled by an employer, you can do this yourself at a local healthcare office. When applying, you’ll need your ID, Portuguese personal identification number (NISS) and a residence permit. Your healthcare office will then automatically assign you a doctor. You’ll also receive a healthcare card (Cartão do Utente). Make sure you always have this with you.

Important to know about Portuguese health insurance

  • A local healthcare office will automatically assign you a doctor.
  • After a referral, you’ll be assigned a specialist based on availability. In the public healthcare system, this can sometimes take a few months.
  • Dental treatment is limited under the local Portuguese health insurance.
  • The Azores and Madeira have their own healthcare systems.

What is covered by the Dutch national health insurance?

Depending on your personal situation, you may be required to keep your Dutch national health insurance during your stay in Portugal. Dutch national health insurance refunds emergency care worldwide. However, you will never be refunded more than the treatment would cost in the Netherlands. You may, therefore, have to pay extra if you’re staying in a country where medical care is more expensive. Repatriation due to illness or an accident is not covered by Dutch national health insurance.

We are the insurance specialist when it comes to healthcare insurance for Dutch nationals going abroad. This means we also have an additional solution for your foreign adventure in Portugal. We offer a solution for when you are not, or are no longer eligible for Dutch national health insurance. You can also use our Portuguese private health insurance as a supplement to your Dutch national health insurance or your Portuguese public health insurance.

Advantages of our Portuguese healthcare insurance

  • Determine the duration. If you move to a new address, you can either terminate the insurance on any day, or take it with you.
  • Choose how extensive your Portuguese healthcare insurance should be.
  • You’re free to choose a local health care provider and hospital.
  • Our Dutch help centre is available 24/7.
  • Discount if you have Dutch national health insurance
  • We also have several other insurance options, such as household contents, accident or third-party liability insurance.

For more information about our insurance, or if you want to know the premium, take a look at our health insurances for going abroad.

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