Ambulance transport

The OOM Living Abroad Insurance is a medical insurance for a longer or permanent stay abroad.

Wij vergoeden de kosten van ambulancevervoer als er sprake is van medische noodzaak, u niet zelfstandig naar het ziekenhuis kunt en het vervoer over de weg plaatsvindt.

With the OOM Living Abroad Insurance you can opt for no excess or an excess of €250, €500 or €1,000. If you have opted for an excess and you incur costs which are covered by the insurance, you then pay the first part of these costs yourself.

You are knocked down by a car on a zebra crossing, fall onto the road and are unconscious. An ambulance transports you to the nearest hospital. The journey costs €700. If you have an excess of €250, you will receive a reimbursement of €450.

You can claim your medical expenses quickly and easily via My OOM.

Please note that the terms and conditions of your insurance take precedence over the information provided here.