What you can expect

If you report damage or claim healthcare costs, we will always respond as soon as possible. You will receive a response from us within 10 working days at the very latest, and usually much sooner.

  • We will ascertain if the costs are covered. After that there are 3 options:
    -The costs are covered. We will send you a written response stating the amount of the reimbursement and pay that amount to you.
    -The costs are not covered. We will send you a written response stating why we will not refund the costs.
    -We need to ask for more information. If we need more information, we will make arrangements with you.
  • Sometimes our medical advisor assesses your claim for healthcare costs. He then sends his advice to the claim processing department.
  • For other damage reports, a loss adjuster is sometimes called in to establish the damage costs.


Some types of insurance have an excess. In such cases we will reimburse the amount remaining after deducting your excess. You can find the amount of your excess on the policy sheet or in de policy terms and conditions.