I’m getting visitors from abroad / I need insurance for the Schengen visa or MVV visa

OOM Verzekeringen has three types of insurance which meet the demands of the Schengen visa and entry visa (MVV):

OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance
OOM Provisional Residence in the Netherlands Insurance
OOM Studying in the Netherlands Insurance

You will only be granted a visa for the Netherlands if you are sufficiently insured for emergency medical help. You must have insurance that:

• covers the costs of repatriation (return to your country of origin) for medical reasons or for urgent medical care
• minimum cover of €30,000
• is valid for your entire stay

The OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance, OOM Provisional Residence in the Netherlands Insurance and OOM Studying in the Netherlands Insurance meet these demands. You can find more information about the entry visa (MVV) on the site of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service.

The OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance policy is a medical insurance intended for people staying in the Netherlands temporarily, such as those visiting or travelling through the country. This insurance excludes from coverage all conditions and complaints affecting the insured party on the commencement date. The term is 6 months at most (for persons 80 years or older, the term is 3 months at most). The policy holder may possess any nationality.

The OOM Provisional Residence in the Netherlands Insurance policy is a health insurance policy intended for people who are coming to settle in the Netherlands and who are waiting to receive a definitive residence permit (often with an authorisation for a temporary stay). You must be approved medically (with a health declaration) for this insurance. You can also apply for dental insurance. The maximum term is 12 months. This insurance can be applied for by people aged 69 years or younger. The policyholder must possess Dutch nationality.

You can also purchase third party insurance together with either insurance policy.

Yes, you can use iDEAL, creditcard or Paypal. You can then take out the OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance immediately online and pay the premium. You will receive your policy by email within an hour.

No, it's necessary to pay the premium in advance for the entire period insured.

You can alter the insurance commencement date to a later date. OOM Verzekeringen must then be in receipt of your written request (email is also acceptable) before the current commencement date. Once the insurance is effective, the commencement date cannot be altered any more.

Yes, when a visa is refused, it is possible to terminate the insurance and obtain a refund of the premium already paid. You can submit a written request (an e-mail sent to (also allowed via email) for termination of the insurance to OOM Verzekeringen. Indicate your bank account number, too, in your e-mail:

Please also send a copy or scan of the letter of rejection from the embassy/consulate. If the policy has already been issued, a deduction can be made for costs.

Note: Cancellation before the commencement date of the insurance is always possible. You will receive a refund of the premium.

Yes, that is possible. As soon as a residence permit is issued, you are obliged to take out Dutch national health insurance. You can submit a written request for termination of the insurance to OOM Verzekeringen (email is also acceptable).

Please also send a copy of your residence permit. The insurance will then be terminated as of the date of issue of the residence permit. You will receive a refund of surplus premium. Please inform us on your bank account number in your email.

A deduction will however be made for costs.