I’m getting visitors from abroad / I need insurance for the Schengen visa or MVV visa

I need a Schengen / MVV visa. Do your health insurance products comply with the requirements for obtaining a Schengen / MVV visa?
What's the difference between OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance and OOM Provisional Residence in the Netherlands Insurance?
I need OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance that will be effective today and need the policy right away. Is that possible?
Can I pay the premium for OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance on a monthly basis?
Can I alter the insurance commencement date?
My visa application has been rejected and so I no longer need my insurance. Can I get a premium refund?
I have obtained a residence permit. Can I cancel my OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance or OOM Provisional Residence in the Netherlands Insurance and get a refund?