What if I can’t log in?
What if I can’t remember my username
What if I forgot my password?
How can I apply for My OOM?
What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?
Why do you need to login to OOM with 2FA?
Which apps can I use to log in?
I haven’t received an email with the verification code. What should I do?
The code I get via my app doesn’t work
I don’t want two-factor authentication
The email option doesn’t have the right email address
When setting up 2FA, I chose the option with the app. But I can’t see a QR code on my screen that I can scan.

View data

My new policy isn’t in My OOM. What now
Can I see my claims
What can I find in the My OOM ‘inbox’?
Where can I see how much excess I have
Where can I see if I have to pay back excess
Where can I see if I have to pay OOM Verzekeringen?

Changes to personal details

How can I declare costs
How can I change my email address for My OOM
How can I change my postal address?
I’m going to the US for some time. Can I temporarily expand what my insurance covers
How can I change the address for my household contents insurance?
Can I change my username?
How can I terminate My OOM?