My OOM payments

We have stopped sending payment links. Paying your premium is now done via your personal My OOM account. Instead of an email with the payment link, you will now receive an email notification that there is an invoice for you. When you log into My OOM, you can use the payment button to pay your premium.

We have switched to a new method of informing you about paying your premium. We now use your personal My OOM account to inform you. Here, you will find your invoice and information about your premium. This means you always have a clear overview of your invoices and payments.

It is important to us that you feel safe paying your premium. In this era of fake emails and phishing, people are not comfortable clicking on a link in an email. By paying via My OOM, you know for sure that you are paying the premium to us, and do not need worry about the payment being secure or not.

We have stopped sending emails with a payment link. You can now pay your premium easily and securely via the payment button in your own secure My OOM account.

If you prefer to pay via direct debit, we will need your authorisation. You can authorise us to automatically collect your premium by completing this form.

In My OOM, you will find an overview of your invoices by going to ‘My invoices’. Here, you will see immediately whether you still have to pay your premium, or if this has already been paid.

For example: You still have to pay your premium but will receive money from us for costs you have declared.  In this case, we will offset these amounts against each other. The remaining amount will then be either paid to you, or you will need to pay us.

If you have international insurance, you can choose to pay your premium per month, quarter, half year, or annually. If you want to change the payment term, please do this via this page.

Every payment period, you will receive notification from us that you have an invoice. If we have not received your payment on time, we will send a reminder.

There is an overview of all your invoices in My OOM, under ‘My invoices’. This summary shows the amount and the status of the invoices. It gives you an overview of which invoices you have paid and which you still have to pay.

This is usually due to a fault at the bank. Please check with your bank first, to see if there is a fault with them. If this is not the case, please contact us.