OOM Verzekeringen is an insurance company without borders, with customers in all parts of the globe. We also want to be play an active role in the communities in which our customers live, whether in the Netherlands or on the other side of the world.

That’s why we support initiatives that make an inspirational contribution to people, communities and the environment. We have kept this description broad because we would first like to hear about your initiative before we decide whether or not we feel we can support it.

What we think is important

First and foremost, we want your initiative to contribute to a better world. This, of course, can be achieved in various ways. Perhaps you are planning on setting up a voluntary project in your host country? Or you have an idea about how to make medical care accessible to vulnerable groups?

These examples show the kind of initiatives that we feel suit the aims and objectives of OOM Verzekeringen: small scale, personal and transparent. We also believe it’s important that your initiative fits our activities as a provider of insurance abroad and cover for non-standard risks

What we offer

OOM Verzekeringen is happy to make a financial contribution to initiatives that make a difference. But we may also be able to support your initiative in different ways, for example by providing organisational help, a contribution in kind, or by sharing knowledge.

What we expect

By sponsoring your initiative, we show our appreciation for your idea and efforts. And, of course, we also hope that our sponsorship will have a positive impact on the brand recognition and reputation of OOM Verzekeringen. So, we would like to hear how you can help us in this respect.

What you need to take into account

  • You and/or your initiative must have a link to the Netherlands
  • Large-scale sponsorship does not suite the nature of our business as a specialised and personal insurance provider
  • We prefer to sponsor specific projects, in which it is clear how our contribution is being used
  • We generally do not enter into long-term sponsorships arrangements
  • We do not sponsor events where we are one of several sponsors

How to apply for sponsorship

Tell us about your plan! Fill out this ‘sponsorship request’ (pdf) and mail it to sponsoring@oomverzekeringen.nl. You will always receive a reply.