OOM Verzekeringen is an insurance specialist offering various types of insurance for Dutch nationals going abroad for an extended stay and for foreigners coming to the Netherlands. OOM Verzekeringen also offers solutions for increased risks, including fire. 

Company structure

OOM Global Care N.V. offers international health insurance. OOM Schadeverzekering N.V. offers various forms of indemnity insurance. “O.O.M” Onderlinge Molestverzekering-Maatschappij U.A. is an independent mutual insurance company for war and kindred risk. These three companies work together under the OOM Verzekeringen trade name.

Edwin Kreikamp (managing director a.i.) and Herman Hein Roozen (financial director a.i.) form the management of the different insurance companies and OOM Holding N.V.


An important part of the code of conduct is the moral ethics statement, which forms the guideline for honest and meticulous business. The OOM Verzekeringen Board signed this statement (pdf, in Dutch) on 24 June 2014, followed by the other members of staff on 23 March 2015. New members of staff will also sign the statement.

Annual figures

You will find further information regarding last year’s developments and the financial performance of OOM Verzekeringen in the annual overview (a summary of the annual report) and the Solvency and Financial Condition Report (pdf, in Dutch).