Are you temporarily in the Netherlands and can’t travel back due to corona?

The COVID-19 outbreak is having major consequences across the world. Countries are closing their borders and there are almost no more flights. Worldwide people are stranded abroad.

Temporarily stranded in the Netherlands due to corona

If you’re in the Netherlands and can’t travel back due to corona, you obviously want to be properly insured for healthcare costs. If you need a temporary health insurance, OOM Verzekeringen can help you.

What can OOM Verzekeringen do for you?

We have health insurance specially for people with a temporary residence in the Netherlands. Click here for more information about our the temporary healthcare insurance for foreign visitors in the Netherlands.

I already have OOM insurance

If you already have one of our temporary health insurance policies, e.g. the OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance or the OOM Provisional Residence in the Netherlands Insurance, and you need to stay in the Netherlands longer due to the coronavirus, you can extend your insurance by 3 months. Even if you have already extended the insurance, or if the maximum term has expired.

Send an email with your request to To ensure we can help you as soon as possible, always state your policy number.

If your policy has already been extended twice, you cannot extend it again. You can take out a new insurance policy via our website.

Read more about COVID-19 and our insurance here.