Alternative health care

The OOM Studying Abroad Insurance is a medical insurance for young people wanting to study, do an internship or work as an au pair abroad.

Alternative health care includes osteopathy, homeopathy, anthroposophical medicine and acupuncture. Whether you get reimbursement for alternative health care depends on the cover you have chosen:

  • standard cover: no reimbursement
  • extended cover: a maximum of €50 per consultation and €500 per year insured (or period insured if you are insured for less than a year).

The alternative healer must be registered with an approved professional association in the country where you are staying.

With the OOM Studying Abroad Insurance you can opt for no excess or an excess of €150. If you incur costs which are covered by the insurance and you have opted for an excess of €150, you then pay for the first part of the costs yourself.

You have problems sleeping, are restless and nervous. You visit an acupuncturist. They suggest 8 sessions. The costs are €400. If you have an excess of €150, you will receive a reimbursement of €250 if you have extended cover.

You can claim your medical expenses quickly and easily via My OOM.

Please note that the terms and conditions of your insurance take precedence over the information provided here.