Unexpected return home

Repatriation insurance

During your stay abroad you may have to return to the Netherlands unexpectedly due to illness or an accident. This is called ‘repatriation’.

No repatriation on Dutch national health insurance

If you have to remain insured with your Dutch national health insurance during your stay abroad, you will not be insured for repatriation due to illness or an accident. You will therefore not receive any reimbursement if you have to return to the Netherlands or go to another country for medical treatment. You can take out extra insurance for this, such as our SOS insurance.

An example

During your tour of Africa you get injured in a car accident. The local doctor ascertains that it is necessary for you to be operated on, but unfortunately this cannot take place locally.

You are transported to the airport by ambulance and fly back to the Netherlands under medical supervision. Here you can be operated on immediately and, after a short recuperation period, resume your tour.

You have incurred considerable costs for ambulance transportation to the airport, the return flight to the Netherlands and the medical supervision. Do not forget the telephone costs you incurred for organising your forced return to the Netherlands either. 

Repatriation due to illness or an accident

At OOM Verzekeringen you can take out SOS insurance. This insurance covers the costs of repatriation or evacuation if treatment is not possible locally and cannot be postponed. The insurance cover includes:

  • travel costs to the Netherlands or the closest country for your treatment
  • travel and accommodation costs for necessary supervision
  • cost of search and rescue
  • cost of transporting mortal remains
  • necessary communication costs

The SOS insurance is included if you take out health insurance for a stay abroad with us. You can also take out SOS insurance separately. The SOS insurance has no excess.

The SOS insurance refunds your costs if you return to the Netherlands on medical grounds or if you need to be evacuated to another country. If you need to return home for another reason, such as the serious illness of a close family member, you can take out travel insurance with us.

Do you need more information?

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