TB test

The OOM Studying in the Netherlands Insurance is a medical insurance for foreign young people who come to the Netherlands as a student, intern or au pair.

Whether you get reimbursement for a TB test depends on the cover you have chosen:

  • standard cover: no reimbursement
  • extended cover: you will receive reimbursement for the costs up to €50 of a Mantoux test and/or thorax x-ray.

With the OOM Studying in the Netherlands Insurance you can opt for no excess or an excess of €150. If you incur costs which are covered by the insurance and you have opted for an excess of €150, you then pay for the first part of the costs yourself.

The General Practitioner asks you to have a Mantoux test done to check if you have previously been infected with the bacteria which can cause tuberculosis. The cost of this test is €30. If you have extended cover and no excess, you will receive a reimbursement of the total costs.

You can claim your medical expenses quickly and easily via My OOM.