Maternity care

The OOM Studying in the Netherlands Insurance is a medical insurance for foreign young people who come to the Netherlands as a student, intern or au pair.

You will receive reimbursement for maternity care if the maternity nurse or pregnancy/delivery coach (doula):

  • has all the required diplomas
  • works according to the relevant rules
  • is independent
  • is employed by or associated with a hospital, maternity centre or maternity hotel

We will reimburse:

  • maternity care in a hospital or maternity centre if you have to stay in hospital as a medical necessity
  • home maternity care up to a maximum of €1,500 divided over a maximum of 10 days. For a hospital delivery, the maximum amount is reduced by €150 for each day spent in hospital.

No excess applies for maternity care.

You can claim your medical expenses quickly and easily via My OOM.

Please note that the terms and conditions of your insurance take precedence over the information provided here.