Are you studying abroad and can’t come back to the Netherlands due to corona?


The COVID-19 outbreak is having major consequences across the world: Countries are closing their borders and there are almost no more flights.

Many Dutch people are stranded abroad. They're trying to get home, but it's not always easy. Some Dutch students who are studying or doing an internship abroad are also stuck.

Student abroad and stranded due to corona

If you unexpectedly have to stay longer in the country where you are studying or on an internship, you’re suddenly faced with a lot of things. These are uncertain times. Of course, you want your health insurance to be right.

What can OOM Verzekeringen do for you?

If you are in need of a temporary health insurance, OOM Verzekeringen can help you. We have a health insurance especially for students studying abroad. Read more about the OOM Studying Abroad Insurance here.

I already have OOM Studying Abroad Insurance

If you already have insurance with us and are stranded due to the corona outbreak, you can extend your insurance by 3 months. Even if you have already extended the insurance or if the maximum term has expired.

Send an email with your request to To ensure we can help you as soon as possible, always state your policy number.

This way you won't have to worry about your health insurance.

Read more about the coronavirus and our insurance here.