You are going to enjoy your retirement

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Be properly insured abroad

Your dream has come true: you are going to retire abroad! Of course you will want to be properly insured. With the OOM Living Abroad Insurance you will be properly insured for healthcare costs and damages. That’s real care-free enjoyment of your retirement for you.


Insurance for retired people abroad

The OOM Living Abroad Insurance is a flexible and complete insurance which meets the insurance requirements of retired people abroad perfectly. The advantages:

  • Choice of cover for healthcare costs, dentist, SOS, travel, cancellation, household contents, liability, legal assistance and accidents
  • For health insurance you can choose between 3 types of cover, including the extensive DeLuxe cover
  • You can also choose supplementary dentist insurance
  • You will have worldwide insurance including a stay in the Netherlands between times
  • You can terminate the insurance at any time


Retirement abroad and healthcare costs

If you are going abroad and are retaining your Dutch pension or benefit, you will no longer be covered for healthcare costs by the Dutch national health insurance. How you will be able to insure yourself depends on the country you will be going to. You can find more information on the CAK website.

With the OOM Living Abroad Insurance you can insure yourself properly for healthcare costs abroad, even if you are no longer eligible for the Dutch national health insurance. The insurance can also be a supplement if you are going to a country where medical care is expensive.


Excellent cover for healthcare costs

Good health insurance is very important, especially as you get older. With the OOM Living Abroad Insurance you can choose between 3 types of cover. For example the extensive DeLuxe cover which refunds the costs of glasses and contact lenses, second opinion, and unlimited physiotherapy, manual and remedial therapies. Plus 1 body scan or complete preventive examination every 5 years!

Dentistry costs following an accident are covered (up to a maximum) by the health insurance. You can take out supplementary insurance for dental costs which are not the result of an accident.

The health insurance includes SOS insurance. This insurance can also be taken out separately.


Care-free retirement abroad

You’d probably rather not think about it, but while enjoying your retirement abroad you could experience set-backs. What happens if your household contents are stolen, you get involved in a legal dispute or a close family member becomes seriously ill or dies and you need to return to the Netherlands? It can quickly get very expensive.

With OOM Living Abroad Insurance you decide which situations you want to insure yourself for. You may take out insurance for travel, continual cancellation, household contents, liability, legal assistance and accidents. This will ensure you have a care-free retirement abroad.