Health insurance when emigrating

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Emigration health insurance: be properly insured abroad

If you’re emigrating or are going to live abroad for a longer period of time, you’ll want the same level of insurance there as you’re used to in the Netherlands. The OOM Living Abroad Insurance is the perfect choice, whether you’re going abroad to live, to work or to enjoy your retirement.


Non-life and health insurance for emigrants

The OOM Living Abroad Insurance is a flexible and complete insurance policy for people living abroad. 

  • You can choose the cover you require: for healthcare costs, dentist costs, SOS, travel, cancellation, household contents, liability, legal assistance and accidents.
  • For healthcare insurance you can choose between 3 types of cover, including the very extensive DeLuxe cover.
  • You can also choose supplementary dentist insurance.
  • You’ll be insured worldwide, including during visits you make to the Netherlands.
  • You can terminate the insurance at any time.


Health insurance and emigration: how does that work? 

If you are going to emigrate or live abroad, your personal situation will determine whether you may retain the Dutch national health insurance for healthcare costs. You may need this if you are also going to work abroad, for example. In addition, different rules sometimes apply to your family members than to yourself.

If you’re not covered by the Dutch national health insurance and are going to live abroad, you can take out the OOM Living Abroad Insurance, which provides excellent healthcare costs cover. The insurance can also be a supplement if you’re going to a country where medical care is expensive. This is useful because the Dutch national health insurance only covers the level of costs for which you would have been covered in the Netherlands.


Dentist and SOS insurance abroad

The healthcare insurance covers dental costs following an accident (up to a maximum). You can take out supplementary insurance for dental costs that are not the result of an accident.

The healthcare insurance includes SOS insurance. This insurance can also be taken out separately.


Supplementary insurance for your emigration

You’d probably rather not think about it but, while living abroad, you could experience set-backs. What happens if your household contents are stolen, you get involved in a legal dispute or a close family member becomes seriously ill or dies, and you need to return to the Netherlands?   It can quickly get very expensive.

With OOM Living Abroad Insurance you decide which situations you want to be insured for. You can take out insurance for travel, cancellation, household contents, liability, legal assistance and accidents. This will ensure you have fewer worries during your time abroad.


Healthcare insurance abroad

We are specialised in healthcare insurance for Dutch nationals going abroad. If you would like to know more about the healthcare situation in the country you’re going to, we’ve listed the information for a number of popular destinations below. Perhaps the country of your foreign adventure is among them.


Further information

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