The OOM Studying Abroad Insurance is a medical insurance for young people wanting to study, do an internship or work as an au pair abroad.

Whether you get reimbursement for orthodontics depends on the cover you have chosen:

  • standard cover: no reimbursement
  • extended cover: up to age 21, a maximum of € 1,200 as long as you are insured with us The maximum reimbursement and the age limit of 21 years do not apply if it is for treatment due to a jaw-orthopaedic disorder.

With the OOM Studying Abroad Insurance you can opt for no excess or an excess of €150. If you incur costs which are covered by the insurance and you have opted for an excess of €150, you then pay for the first part of the costs yourself.

You are 19 years old and you get a brace for your upper jaw. The total costs are €1,100. If you have extended cover and an excess of €150, you will receive a reimbursement of €950.

You can claim your medical expenses quickly and easily via My OOM.

Please note that the terms and conditions of your insurance take precedence over the information provided here.