Worldwide cover to remain on Dutch national health insurance

Medical expenses incurred outside Europe will remain in the basic package of the Dutch national health insurance. The proposal to remove the reimbursement of costs incurred outside the European Union (EU), has been withdrawn by the Dutch cabinet. This means that after 1 January 2017, emergency aid will still be refunded worldwide.

How will things be organised now?

Dutch national health insurance refunds emergency care worldwide and this will remain so in 2017. If you need to see a doctor or go to hospital abroad, you will have the costs refunded. However, you will never be refunded more than the treatment would cost in the Netherlands. You may, therefore, have to pay extra if you are staying in a country where medical care is expensive. You can take out supplementary insurance for such instances.

What is OOM Verzekeringen doing?

We are keeping a close eye on developments and aim to keep you informed via this page if there is a reason to do so. 


This information was last revised on: 24-2-2017