Backpacking travel insurance

Backpacking travel insurance

Adventure calls: you're going backpacking! Your backpack is ready, your route is mapped out, and your ticket is booked. And what about your insurance? The OOM backpacking travel insurance means you are insured for healthcare costs and damage.

Backpacking travel insurance: by fully prepared

Going backpacking means, you will be away from home for a long time. And that can be exciting at times! After all, you can also face setbacks on your travels. For example, if your luggage gets lost at the airport. Or if you suddenly need to return home because a housemate or close family member is seriously ill. Our backpacking travel insurance means you are prepared for all kinds of situations. This way you avoid high costs and you can travel with peace of mind. Good for you, and for those staying behind at home.

Advantages of backpacking travel insurance

If you choose our backpacking travel insurance, you take out the OOM Temporary residence abroad insurance. Here’s all you need to know:

  • Worldwide insurance including a stay in the Netherlands while you’re away
  • Flexible and can be cancelled daily
  • Put together your own insurance
  • Choice of cover for healthcare costs, dentist, SOS, travel, cancellation, household contents, liability, legal assistance and accidents
  • Discount if you keep your Dutch national health insurance

For healthcare cover you can choose between Light, Regular or Comfort. This way you decide whether you have basic or comprehensive insurance. Useful to know: SOS cover is included in the standard healthcare cover, but you can also take it out separately. It includes the costs of repatriation to the Netherlands, or evacuation if treatment is not possible locally and cannot be postponed.

>Put together your own insurance

Backpacking: travel insurance or Dutch national health insurance?

You may be wondering if travel insurance is necessary for backpackers. Is Dutch national health insurance not sufficient? This depends on your health insurer and the countries you are visiting.

If you are not covered by Dutch national health insurance when you go backpacking, the OOM Temporary Residence Abroad Insurance will give you the healthcare costs cover you need.  The travel insurance can also be a supplement to your Dutch national health insurance if you go backpacking in countries where medical care is expensive: if you only have Dutch national health insurance, it will never cover more than the cost of the treatment in the Netherlands.

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Extra cover with backpacking travel insurance

If you take out our backpacking travel insurance, you can expand it with extra cover. This will give you that extra bit of certainty! For example, if you choose dental insurance, your dental costs will always be insured, not only after an accident. You also have a choice of travel, cancellation, household contents, legal assistance, accident and third-party liability insurance. There is a choice of insurance cover for every backpacker!

Flexible backpack insurance

If you don't know how long your trip is going to last, or if your route is not yet 100% set, that's no problem with our backpacking travel insurance. OOM Temporary Residence Abroad Insurance is valid up to 2 years and can be cancelled on any day. You also have worldwide cover. This way you can travel a little longer, or go home earlier. Or you can also decide to travel spontaneously with someone you meet along the way. Our insurance adjusts to your journey, not the other way around.

If you already know you will be backpacking for more than 2 years, OOM Living Abroad Insurance would suit you better.